TTA Appraisal Specializes in Damage Appraisals for the items below and for Task Services

atv’s (All Terrain Vehicle)
Mobile Homes Buses
Recreational Vehicles
Tractor Trailer
Custom Trailers
Farm Equipment
Heavy Equipment

Residential and Commercial Property Appraisal Services


TTA Appraisal was founded in 1998 and offers Damage Appraisals and Task Services throughout the United States. Our people are experienced professionals from the industry…from our Intake and Dispatch team to the Appraisers to the Quality Control and Management Team…we have the right people in the right position to excel. This model allows us to deliver both superior Service and a superior Product.

The people behind tta appraisal

The Owners of TTA Appraisal
Shawn Goins Steve Schoeneck


  • Tractor Appraisal
  • Trailer Appraisal
  • Tow Truck Appraisal
  • Recreational Vehicle Appraisal
  • Boat Appraisal
  • Construction Equipment Appraisal
  • Farm Equipment Appraisal
  • Motor Cycles-Stock and Custom Appraisals
  • Automobile (Private Passenger Vehicles) Appraisal
  • Loan and Pre-loan Appraisals
  • Desk Review of Estimates
  • Total Loss Evaluations for All types of vehicle/equipment
  • TASK SERVICES…see Services tab

client speak

“TTA Appraisals service and product is above and beyond their competitors.  TTA Appraisal saves both time and money with their streamline database and staff of experience Appraisers.  TTA is the only Appraisal Company that is truly National with their service.  By utilizing TTA we insure the retention of our customers due to their Quality, Speed, Communication and outstanding customer service.”

Eric P National Carrier Claims Manager

“TTA has been committed to our partnership and has worked to provide he best service in the industry to us. Before we assigned our 1st claim to TTA they spent a lot of time listened to our needs and building a model that met our expectations. Not only did they meet our expectations they have exceed them.”

John B Sample Carrier Claims Manager

“TTA Stack Database has made transacting very simple. The ease of use is great. I was able to log in the 1st time and assign a claim. Tracking the claim was easy. This System is the best I have ever seen.”

Jim A. Heavy Equipment Claims Manager

What You Need to Know About TTA Appraisal

What separates TTA Appraisal from the competition…why choose TTA?

TTA Appraisal has expectations that far exceed what other companies find acceptable.  From daily monitoring of every claim, to every piece of communication and completed product being reviewed by a highly qualified Professional.  Most companies would have half the staff that TTA employs, but to have the communication, responsiveness and quality that we expect…we believe that can only be achieved with People.

Is the Appraiser qualified for the assignment I am sending?

At TTA Appraisal, every appraiser has their own profile and within that profile, they are “qualified” or “not qualified” for different types of Vehicles or for Residential and Commercial Buildings.  For example, if an appraiser is only Qualified for Automobiles (Private Passenger vehicles), then the appraiser will not be an option for a Tractor or Trailer inspection.  This ensures that the job is done right…by the right person.

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